YOB, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, Monolith AB at Palomino

Tuesday 03rd, March 2015 / 16:25
By Christine Leonard
YOB at Palomino. Photo: Sarah Kitteringham

YOB at Palomino.
Photo: Sarah Kitteringham

February 21, 2015

CALGARY — Solid, shiny and proof that Kyle Reese walks among us, Monolith AB made a towering example of themselves before a capacity crowd. Huddled in the Palo’s smoked meat-scented basement on a -15 C Saturday night in the middle of February, the Outlaws of Ravenhurst made the affair feel like an old fashioned, carpet-blackening house-party. If an OoR song isn’t about a dragon, or a castle, it’s probably about a king. Cheap medieval costumes should always be tested for flammability. I’m guessing the Outlaw’s repurposed Samhain garb was too drenched in sweat to pose much of a threat. Perhaps thee-rockers-three should invest in a trio of “This Renaissance Faire Sucks” T-shirts, or forge an alliance with local LARP armourers.

The low-slung, beer-splattered ceiling was transformed into the vaulted arch of a stained glass cathedral as Oregon’s YOB mounted the stage. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Mike Scheidt, remained true to the edict tattooed across the back of his hands and made sure that the audience would “Stay” \m/ \m/ “Awake” until well past 1 a.m. Rumbling through their vast, ominous, 19 minute-long opuses and rarely-performed-live barrages, Scheidt sang the praises of the Palomino venue and staff, while fresh-faced bassist Aaron Rieseberg and indefatigable percussionist Trevor Foster cleared the path for the initiated to ascend.

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