Morbid Evils – In Hate With The Burning World

Wednesday 04th, March 2015 / 15:24
By Sergey Jmourovski

morbidevilsSvart Records

Despite the cartoony band name and St. Anger-worthy album title, Morbid Evils’s first LP is a rather dark excursion into the world of modern sludge (you know the type: howl/growled vocals, trudging riffs, crashing drums, the whole nine yards). The band is from Finland and features Rotten Sound’s vocalist Keijo Niinimaa, who makes use of his range to keep the album interesting, but only for the first couple of tracks. After that, all blurs into the same-y slow trudge type pace until the closer “Burning World” finishes the album off with a sample of a fireplace, by the sounds of it. Good album to snooze to if you’re a sludge fan, but altogether, In Hate With The Burning World doesn’t deliver the promise of “morbid evils.”