Will Butler – Policy

Wednesday 04th, March 2015 / 14:19
By Shayla Friesen

willbutlerMerge Records

Will Butler cuts the umbilical chord from Arcade Fire and releases his first solo album with Policy. Not to be confused with his front man brother Win, Will is one of the multi-instrumentalists found primarily behind the keys when playing with his bros and belles of AF.

This reflective and mood changing first release is short ‘n’ sweet, with only seven tracks which range from rockabilly to new wave. Policy was recorded in the renowned Electric Lady Studios, between some downtime from the road and the next Arcade Fire escapade.

Will’s voice is not unlike his famous brother’s, yet has it’s own urgency that bursts throughout the album. The first frisky track “On My Side” shows us just this, yet there are ballad-esque tunes like “Finish What I Started” and “Sing to Me,” which teeter on the brink of Lennon’s airy style.

“Anna” entices and elates us with its ‘80s insight and dirty electro funk beat that could be found on the next AF album, while “Something’s Coming” digs deeper into the dirty funk with a flair as free as a Talking Heads release.

Though Arcade Fire’s uniqueness and intrepidity are inherently apparent throughout Policy, Will brings his own enigmatic flavor forth, a force to be reckoned with and sought out in the future.

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