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Celtic punks the Real McKenzies let the rat out of the bag with new album

Tuesday 31st, March 2015 / 19:33
By Jennifer Di
Photo: Kitt Woodland

Photo: Kitt Woodland

VANCOUVER — Break out your kilts and grab your whiskey, local Celtic punks The Real McKenzies are back on the scene with a new record, a new book and a tour that is currently in motion.

Nearly three years after the release of their last album Westwinds, Rats in the Burlap has hit the eardrums of fans everywhere with its release last month.

“It’s flat, circular and the CD is iridescent with a hole in the middle full of excellent songs that will please everybody. Even I like it… yes, even I like it.” says singer Paul McKenzie. This album comes as the band’s 11th record now in circulation.

One always has to wonder after having written so many albums, if a band will hold true to their original sound or if they will try and shake things up a bit: “We always try to stick to our roots but in nature as time goes by we have been known to go in different directions. Life is an adventure. This album employs a number of different elements compared to our previous endeavours.”

Timed with the release of Rats in the Burlap, fans will also get a chance to purchase Under the Kilt: The Real McKenzies Exposed. Written by local writer Chris Walter also known for his biographies Argh Fuck Kill: The story of the DayGlo Abortions and SNFU: What no one else wanted to say. “Chris and I worked quite closely together and he also interviewed several people involved with the band. It’s a reasonable depiction of the history of the band.”

With a new album, a new book, and a tour that is running until the end of May, what else can we expect from this group of Celtic punks? “Lots of tours! We’re already discussing our 25th anniversary record and we will concentrate on expanding our fan base and making people happy… but most of all ourselves by consuming as much beer and whiskey as possible.”

The Real McKenzies play the Rickshaw with local baseball punks the Isotopes on April 11th.

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