From psychology to the dance floor, Amsterdam house act Bakermat talks evolution

Tuesday 31st, March 2015 / 14:53
By Paul Rodgers
Tropical house act Bakermat begins his first tour of North America. Photo: Marlous Dirks

Tropical house act Bakermat begins his first tour of North America.
Photo: Marlous Dirks

CALGARY — We can’t always guarantee that our life will progress on a linear path. Occasionally, things get in the way of our intended direction and steer us in an entirely different one. For Lodewijk Fluttert, a 23-year-old musician who currently resides in Amsterdam, the catalyst for change was music.

“I never, never had any idea of success in music; it was pure fun,” states Fluttert, who up until recently was pursuing a psychology degree at Utrecht University. His innocuous introduction to the world of music began with making songs and mix-tapes as a soundtrack for hanging out with his roommates under the name Bakermat. His sound caught attention rapidly, to the point where he decided to put his degree on hold and pursue a new pathway: creating music and touring.

His music is warm and light hearted: smooth, jazzy melodies with an undercarriage of deep house basslines. Fluttert grew up playing piano and for a time saxophone, which works its way in to the music sporadically.

Fluttert’s love of music was instilled early; his mother is an opera singer and growing up he listened to a lot of classical music. Through his father, he was given his introduction to soul, jazz and blues music.

“That’s actually still the case,” he says, regarding his current relationship with sound. “I get inspired by a lot of genres, but it’s mostly the soul, blues, jazz guys that inspire me a lot, but I really love every genre.”

After releasing the highly successful summertime anthems “Vandaag” and “Zomer” in 2012, and the follow-up Uitzicht EP the following year, Fluttert has completed his debut album, and it will be released on Sony International just as soon as a couple of samples taken from old American folk music that he used are cleared.

While much of the material he has released to date has that feel-good, uplifting vibe to it, Fluttert states that his debut record will be “eclectic,” showcasing a diverse spectrum of music, and strays beyond the boundaries of conventional dance music.

“That’s the whole thing that I love about an album, I can show deeper sides of myself,” he says. “There’s definitely going to be a few really, really sad songs.”

Fluttert is extremely excited to make his first trip to tour in North America, “I think it’s time for a new kind of genre to take that over and show that dance is more than just drops and jumping around.”

Bakermat performs in Calgary at Republik on the 8th and in Edmonton at the Starlite Room on the 9th.

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