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Don’t Go To Bass Coast

Don’t Go To Bass Coast

By Alan Ranta MERRITT – 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of Bass Coast, the infamous electronic music and arts festival that…

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Mountain punks Puttin’ On the Foil are liquored up and raisin’ hell!

Tuesday 31st, March 2015 / 19:40
By Sarah Mac
Puttin’ On the Foil plays hillbilly punk about drinking, fighting and fucking.

Puttin’ On the Foil plays hillbilly punk about drinking, fighting and fucking.

CALGARY — Welcome to the shit-show!

The legends of mountain-punk, Puttin’ On the Foil, are back at it again. Fired Up and Ready to Roll is their brand new album for you to stomp along to, just in time for cow-tipping season.

Puttin’ On the Foil is Alberta’s premiere “hillbilly mountain punk” band, a genre that we’re sure they came up with during a heavy night of drinking. Hailing from Okotoks, of all places, they’ve been tearing up the prairies since 2012 and so far, it’s been one hell of a hayride!

“We’re a band that likes to have a good time and celebrate. It may kill us in the end, but shit, I guess that’s just the way she goes,” explains front man Kevin Rowland.

Their debut album, Sing-Along- Drinkin’- Songs was warmly received across Western Canada, as the trio has played about 150 live shows since its release.

Says Rowland of the live show, “It’s electrifying, crazy, punk ‘n’ roll, with lotsa energy and of course, drinking beer and kickin’ ass!”

Let’s concentrate on Puttin’ On the Foil’s new, full-length album dubbed simply after they feel: Fired Up and Ready to Roll.

“Our first album was like a self-help CD, this one is more like reverse-rehab,” laughs Rowland. “Whatever that means.”

If you ask us, it’s a perfect clash of the country-punk mix or the hillbilly punk they are known for. Think sing-along songs about drinking, fighting and fucking weaved into upbeat tempos and all the twang you can handle. Musically, these guys are all over the billboard; songs like, “Let Me Be” and “Drunk and Naked” are sure to be crowd pleasers for any folks into line-dancing with heavy twang and smooth guitar riffs. For the punks out in the prairies, heavier and grittier tracks like “Giver To the Liver” and “Raisin’ Hell” will be a favourite at all the corn-field keggers.

Tying this whole intentionally slapdash affair together is that band name, which is a reference to the hockey movie classic Slap Shot (1977).

“You put the foil on your hands, you put it on first, and then you tape it up. And then, when they (Hansen Brothers) got into a hockey fight, they beat the shit out of people better. You are basically, ‘puttin’ on the foil’ to whoop ass. For us, it means we’re gonna whoop some ass and play some great tunes and have a good time!”

Don’t miss out on the good times during Puttin’ On the Foil’s CD release party at the Nite Owl in Calgary on April 11th.

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