Decibel Magazine Tour at Venue

Thursday 02nd, April 2015 / 19:10
By Serena Navarro
At the Gates at Venue during the Decibel Magazine Tour. Photo: Tiina Liimu

At the Gates at Venue during the Decibel Magazine Tour.
Photo: Tiina Liimu

March 30, 2015

VANCOUVER — The Decibel tour of 2015 was a stacked line-up that included Swedish death metal legends, At the Gates, American hardcore punk heavyweights Converge, young doom masters Pallbearer, U.K. death/doom dealers Vallenfyre, and to open the night, Vancouver natives Auroch.

Auroch, a Vancouver death metal band, performed a quick 20-minute set to start the night off loud and fast. Vallenfyre were next up to bat, at 8:45 p.m, and they were excited to be here in beautiful Vancouver, but because it was such an early start, there was not much crowd movement. They performed most of their new album, Splinters, and got a warm reception.

Pallbearer started to set up and excitement rose as this band from Arkansa, has been blowing people away since their first full length, Sorrow and Extinction, in 2012. The bringers of doom opened with the riff-tastic, “Worlds Apart” and then proceeded with “Devoid of Redemption” and in turn, I got lost in the music as many people did and forgot to snap one photo. I am not complaining one bit.

Upon hearing Converge for the first time, there is a sense of urgency and this is ever so present when one sees their live show. Vocalist Jacob Bannon created a fire of energy and a punch-you-in-the-gut madness within Venue and most importantly, the pit. I am now a fan for life.

Finally, the death metal legends At the Gates were up next. The imagery of eerie hands that adorns the cover of their latest album At War With Reality was set up on both sides of the stage. After the first song, “Death and the Labyrinth,” the crowd lit up — and then it was on to the slaughter. Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg, extreme metal vocalist, kept leaving the stage throughout the performance, and throwing up his arms in disappointment. The only thing I could insinuate was that he was not happy with the crowd, that or something was up with the sound. Either way, Tompa growled his way up to the crescendo of the night, “Nausea,” and the pit went insane.

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