K. Flay – Life As A Dog

Saturday 04th, April 2015 / 14:55
By Willow Grier

kflayBummer Picnic Records

When she ditched a major label after disputes about how she would be marketed, K. Flay actually gained both supporters and credibility. Always one to prioritize her fans and friends/collaborators, and never big on industry bullshit, K. Flay lost rights to some of her tracks and was forced to start over to facilitate her artistic emancipation. That being said, this opportunity for rebuild produced her strongest, most cohesive and sophisticated album to date. Funds for the project were raised through PledgeMusic in just six days, proving that the label didn’t matter. Life As A Dog contains track after track of bitingly clever lyricism mixed with infectious, chill beats and K. Flay’s signature sometimes smokey, sometimes silken vocals. While some tracks fall to the thought-provoking and melancholy spectrum (“Get it Right”), others like “Thicker Than Dust” create a perfect bro-down vibe, with the catchy lightness that will keep listeners singing the hook for days on end. This album has staying power and is one of the best finds from the past year. It’s always exciting to see an artist who has really found their voice.