Mark Mills – Triple Fire Sign

Saturday 04th, April 2015 / 14:16
By Colin Gallant


On Triple Fire Sign, Marks Mills returns with a few existent favourites from his explosive live shows, freshly inked love letters and the signature positivity and immediacy listeners have come to expect. For someone with such a limited pallet (Casiotone keyboard, guitar, voice), Mills manages to impress with his inventive delivery of melody. “Youthful Love” has the Casiotone sounding like an organ from Transylvania, “Straight to You” makes a case for Mills as Freddy Mercury and his delivery on “CEPS” makes the phrase “I look good with my biceps, saw you looking at my triceps” something you’ll want to sing along to rather than roll your eyes at. Mills’ repeated references to copulation seem to come from a place of genuine connection rather than machismo on both “CEPS” and “Work Group.” Mills is able to win you over with his open passion and simplicity, meaning this LP is as fun to listen to as it likely was to make.



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