‘By the power of Grayskull!’ (In)famous cartoon villain Skeletor invades Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

Monday 06th, April 2015 / 03:14
By Sarah Mac
Skeletor famously once proclaimed he “liked to feel evil.”

Skeletor famously once proclaimed he “liked to feel evil.”

CALGARY — Evil-doers beware! It’s time once again for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. This year is the 10th anniversary, which calls for a huge celebration.

Since it’s now celebrating a full decade, the expo has invited some real gems. One in particular is illustrator and animator Tom Cook. His name may not be household, but his creations are.

Cook is the cartoonist of your childhood, starting off at Hanna-Barbera Studios then working his way to Filmation. He’s illustrated and animated everyone from Fat Albert, He-Man, Ghostbusters and everything in between – basically, if you were watching cartoons in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, you should thank Tom Cook.

This year, one of Cook’s more famous characters is also in attendance. The sorcerous Skeletor, from the immensely popular He-Man: Masters of the Universe franchise will be prowling the Expo. And with all the “Skele-takeovers” lately, we were worried Calgary would be next on his hit list.

We explained our fears to Tom Cook, and he didn’t dispute them.

”Well, I know he has a lot of allies out there from all the other shows that have evil characters, so I imagine they could create a gang-of-evil and take over the expo,” he said. “As an animator I have all the power, so I could make him (Skeletor) do whatever I want him to do, we could even erase him. And because I have all power, just like with He-Man, really, I’m the Master of the Universe.”

When we spoke to Skeletor (voice acted by Alan Oppenheimer), he had a slightly different take on the matter. We here at BeatRoute are not so trusting of teleporting-telepathics, especially when they are known for siding with evil. In this case, we took Skeletor at his word. But remember kids, this could be his best sorcery at work!

BeatRoute: We’ve heard that you may try to conquer the Expo, are these rumours true?

Skeletor: [sinister laugh] I think you’d do (well) with a good takeover. [snickers]

BR: That doesn’t sound promising for Calgary. May we ask what your plan may be?

Skeletor: [evil laugh] Oh, I’d give away free ice cream and sandwiches, and I’d get the kids involved. I would win them over with my wit and comedy. [laughs]

BR: Oh, Skeletor – why the kids?

Skeletor: [nefarious laugh] I could sway them easily. I seem to have that effect on you people. But if you really want to, you can disarm any villain with humour. No dictator can stand being criticized or being made fun of. [laughs]

Don’t miss Tom Cook (illustrator and animator) and Alan Oppenheimer (voice of Skeletor), at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo’s 10-year anniversary. April 16th to the 19th at Stampede Park.

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