Places Please: April 2015

By Sara Elizabeth Taylor

CALGARY — If the old adage is true and April showers do in fact bring May flowers, this should be a great month for staying inside and enjoying some of what Calgary’s theatre companies have to offer.

In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) (Artists’ Collective Theatre)
West Village Theatre
April 9-18

It is the 1880s, and Dr. Givings has revolutionized his treatment of hysteria by using an electric vibrator to induce “healing paroxysms” in his patients. But while helping his patients, Givings is risking losing his wife, who is feeling increasingly disconnected.


Becky’s New Car (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Martha Cohen Theatre
April 7-25 

Let’s face it: adulthood is not that fun. Every day is the same: get stuck in traffic on the way to the humdrum job, get stuck in traffic on the way home, sit next to your partner on the couch silently fantasizing about being somewhere, anywhere, else. For Becky Foster, that fantasy might actually become a reality. When a handsome billionaire enters her life, Becky is given the opportunity to leave her old routine behind – but is it what she really wants? Becky’s New Car is a hilarious and life-affirming comedy about one woman’s laugh-out-loud midlife U-turn.

rihannaboi95 (Downstage)
Online & At Various Viewing Hubs
April 23–May 2

You don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy rihannaboi95: this piece, performed entirely in front of a webcam, will be live-streamed online nightly for free. rihannaboi95 tells the story of Sunny, whose world threatens to collapse when his Rihanna-inspired YouTube videos are discovered by his classmates at school. If you want to experience Jordan Tannahill’s award-winning exploration of bullying and queer identity with a group, various viewing hubs throughout Calgary will also be screening the play.

Three On A Seesaw

Three On A Seesaw

Three on a Seesaw (Fire Exit Theatre)
Engineered Air Theatre
April 29-May 3

A factory owner, a captain, and a professor enter a room. No, it’s not the start of a joke – it’s the premise for Three on s Seesaw, written by Italian playwright Luigi Lunari. As mysterious things begin to happen and the three men are forced to spend the night together, they begin to suspect that they have left life as we know it and entered the afterlife. Three on a Seesaw explores themes of life and death, destiny, free will and the existence of a higher power.

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