Pop-punkers Strung Out are pushing their limits and serving up hot records

Monday 06th, April 2015 / 02:59
By Sarah Mac
Heavy pop-punk rockers Strung Out are back with their first album in six years. Photo: Rick Kosick

Heavy pop-punk rockers Strung Out are back with their first album in six years.
Photo: Rick Kosick

CALGARY — If you are unfamiliar with Strung Out, grab some old skateboard tapes and video games, and have yourself a listen.

Most people know Strung Out for their fast, upbeat, melodic tempos and their heavy but technically perfected sound. What many don’t know is that the band helped pioneer that style and were one of the first acts signed to the notorious Fat Wreck Chords in 1994, following a handful of releases by (punk royalty) signees like NOFX, Lagwagon, Propaghandi, No Use for a Name, Rancid, 88 Fingers Louie and Face to Face. They have since released more than seven albums over a span of about 21 years and despite being slightly heavier than the majority of bands on the label, it’s a part of who Strung Out are.

“We’ve always been a different type of Fat Wreck band, we’ve found our little niche and it’s a good thing,” boasts Jordan Burns, longtime drummer.

Their latest album may not be a carbon copy of their previous, but they hope you enjoy it just the same.

“People want their favourites, but I don’t think we can ever just recreate those ‘90s albums again, we do what we wanna do and stay true to our roots and make the best music that we feel good about,” Burns explains. Strung Out’s roots are the incredibly fast guitar and quick-fisted, pounding drums, dominating badass bass and perfectly matched, quick-witted, smooth vocals. Not only have they mastered this style but they continue to perfect it with every album released to date. The newest is the March 24th release Transmission.Alpha.Delta, the long awaited follow-up to 2009’s Prototypes and Painkillers.

“It (the time off) really allowed us to hone in on certain things, there was a ton of ideas that were brought to the table and it turned out to be positive experience. We touched on our roots, and we’ve really poured our hearts into this album. In the end, I think we have a pretty hot record on our hands.”

“One thing I really do believe is, this is our best production, and this is our best sounding record, sonically,” he continues. “It was insanity, we got together with [punk producer extraordinaire] Kyle Black, we were trying different beats, ideas, riffs, everything. It was insane, the amount of time we put into it to build it into the final product it became. I don’t think we’ve ever worked so hard or put in so much effort, it was strenuous, it was mind-fucking, it was everything.”

Transmission.Alpha.Delta is packed with 12 brand new tracks in the Strung Out vein; all of which will satisfy your yearning ears.

Catch Strung Out in all their glory at the Republik in Calgary on April 16th and at the Starlite Room in Edmonton on April 17th.

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