‘People in Passion’ web series takes a cinematic approach to building inspiration

Monday 13th, April 2015 / 11:07
By Hannah Many-Guns
Still: Courtesy of Beautiful World Media

Still: Courtesy of Beautiful World Media

CALGARY — Infatuation with what occupies the hours of your day can dissipate. Time constricts, money restricts and brick-by-brick our internal selves collapse and become remnants of our forgotten passion. It happens. Life happens. But should we just let these remnants of what inspires us lay by the wayside?

Cinematic engineer Jaimie Stewart doesn’t think so. Working to help us reconstruct these remnants, Stewart has begun filming a series of inspirational short films he calls People in Passion.

“I want People in Passion to be looked at by anyone, especially if they need something to propel them forward,” says Stewart. “It’s showing people what passion could look like for them.”

The first episode (watch below), showcasing a moment-in-the-life of Calgarian pizza craftsman Tim Petros of Tim’s Gourmet Pizza, is presented in a way that captures not just what one does, but the intricate nature in which they do it.

“What I am trying to do is showcase people who are on the move, sort of (to show that) passion is contagious,” expresses Stewart. “I do this by filming in a way that shows the subtlety in life while a person is doing what they love.”

For Petros, it’s starting off his day with a cup of coffee and watching as the steam trickles out of his mug, dancing within the slivers of the sun. It’s that little piece of energy he puts into crafting his pizzas – kneading the dough, assembling the toppings, cooking it in the oven and slicing his finished creation.

“Somehow my energy is in that little piece of pizza,” Petros expresses. “Just that little piece that you are eating, you are experiencing some part of me.”

It makes you think about the importance of appreciating the little pleasures, because these are the things that build up to become your passion.

With the unique flare of Stewart’s uplifting cinematic and sound aesthetics, People in Passion’s filmic approach works as an aid in building the community of local, passionate minds.

“I wanted to get out in life and connect with people that are full of love for what they’re doing,” says Stewart. “With this series, I can share it with the rest of the world.”

Stewart is hoping to have a new episode for the series every month, showcasing a diverse array of people who are pursuing and living inside of their passion.

Visit beautifulworldmedia.com, where you can check out Stewart’s first episode of the People in Passion series, as well as his past works.

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