The Spree Killers are making deadly ground

Monday 20th, April 2015 / 08:20
By Tanya Van
Photo: Sharlena Wonnick

Photo: Sharlena Wonnick

VANCOUVER — Local East Van murder punks, the Spree Killers, have a weapon named Fanni, a deadly front woman with a stage presence that packs a punch. Recently, this hell-raiser broke new ground while recording their latest EP 7 Bloody Inches. Her already strong vocal stylings became stronger which caused her bandmates: Chad Sluys, Steve Gervais, Ryan Somerton and Gtone Bass to anticipate bigger things for the band and take out extra life insurance for their upcoming Cross Country Carnage summer tour.

“This year’s Cross Country Carnage Tour we’re going from Victoria, B.C. to Halifax, N.S. and back, so, it’s twice the distance and three times the show dates,“ Fanni exclaims. “The western half of the country was easier [to book] because I had the network we built last year to draw from. Booking the eastern half for the first time was more of a challenge. Gag Order (Brantford, ON) are playing southern Ontario and Quebec dates with us and they’ve been a huge help. Vicious (Halifax, N.S.) are playing our Maritime shows, and helped out with booking the east coast.” As far as getting there, Fanni explains, “G-Tone Bass recently purchased and converted a large shuttle bus into his new home, and tour bus for hire. There’s room for gear, beds, hammocks, an entertainment centre [and] us. We can stand up and move around in it. It’s going to be amazing.”

The Spree Killers are Fanni’s first band and as their success began to grow there were lessons that she had to learn fast. “Chad Sluys told me early on, ‘If you don’t do it in rehearsal, you’ll never do it on stage.’ To me that meant, you better bring your A game to practice every time and work your ass off,” as she reminisced about her beginner’s jitters. “My first Vancouver show was at LanaLou’s and I was terrified that I’d open my mouth and nothing would come out, or people would laugh… basically, all my worst nightmares. Now before shows I just feel excited. The adrenaline is the same, but the nerves aren’t as bad.”

The 7 Bloody Inches EP was recorded and mixed by Ry Somerton at Kick Rox Records with additional mixing and mastering by Rene D La Muerte at The Brains Studio. Expect a mid-spring release show for 7 Bloody Inches on May 1st and a coast-to-coast tour commencing late June.

Spree Killers perform May 1st at Pat’s Pub and June 20th at LanaLous.


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