Calgary producer Corinthian embraces experimentation

Monday 27th, April 2015 / 13:23
By Jamie McNamara
Calgary act Corinthian combines throbbing techno with abrasive noise. Photo: Jamie McNamara

Calgary act Corinthian combines throbbing techno with abrasive noise.
Photo: Jamie McNamara

CALGARY — “You can quote me on this, melody is dead.”

The bold declaration made by Calgary producer Corinthian may seem extreme, but if you give him time to explain it sounds fairly reasonable.

“It seems like most music today is hyper-melodic. Everyone is obsessed with melody, but melody is just like anything else, too much of it and it just becomes noise.”

Noise is what Corinthian does best. The producer, whose real name is Evangelos Lambrinoudis II, has been slaving away in his small basement studio making experimental music that is equal parts techno, drone and noise. It’s a punishing mix of sounds that even the staunchest of metal heads could likely get behind. Drums pummel the listener while dark, reverb drenched soundscapes swirl and morph for endless amounts of time. It’s also a clear departure from the other act that Lambrinoudis is known for.

Sanctums, the two-piece electronic outfit that Lambrinoudis is a part of with Dan Solo, is known for a much quieter interpretation of electronic music than Corinthian offers. After completing the writing process for the second Sanctums LP, Lambrinoudis set out to do something different with Corinthian.

“I think that it’s more of a feeling than Sanctums. I think Sanctums is a lot more focused on storytelling through songwriting. This is definitely more of a droning, endless beat which fits in the context of dancing.”

An invitation to Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp 2014 marked the start of a fantastic run for Lambrinoudis, which has included the start of his own label, Deep Sea Mining Syndicate, an appearance at the 2nd PARTICLE + WAVE Festival with friend and collaborator Orthicon, and a freshly announced appearance at the 2015 edition of Sled Island. In May, Corinthian is set to open for Andy Stott at the official Sled Island pre-party, something he says will allow him to fully show off his music properly.

“I feel I can definitely be true to the project with this show. To me [The Hifi Club] is like the perfect venue to play hard, pounding, throbbing beats over noise, which is a big part of this project. I’m excited, because it’s definitely in the vein of underground, weird shit. I can be weird and I don’t think people will be disappointed with that. They’re coming to a show where they should be expecting something challenging.”

Corinthian plays The Hifi Club on May 6th with Andy Stott for the Official Sled Island Pre-Party.

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