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Taco Fest: Biting into Vancouver’s hottest Mexican cuisine-themed music festival

By Erin Jardine

SKINNY_TACOFEST_tiinaliimuphotoCOLOUR2VANCOUVER — The force behind the heavy debauchery of Burger Fest has introduced another excellent collaboration between music and food. The event features the beloved taco, paired with a load of diverse and well-known local bands and a few out-of-town groups. “We are into many different genres and styles of music and wanted to bring that with this festival. The diversity definitely helps the event and engages people to check out different styles of music and hear new stuff they wouldn’t have heard before. Besides, who wants to go to a festival and listen to 15 bands that all sound the same? Not I,” says event organizer Johnny Matter of Apocalypse Sunrise Productions.

A similar variety can be said for the food sector of this event, Sal y Limon has recently expanded their location at Fraser and Kingsway and offers a huge menu of Mexican flavours. Three meat and two vegan options will fill the bellies of music-goers. It is sure to be messy as tacos always are, there will be a Ring of Fire Taco eating contest with a Trophy and prizes to the winner. “Naturally, food and music is life. Combining the two is something I’ve always wanted to do. Taco Fest has already exceeded our expectations,” states Matter.

Apocalypse Sunrise’s Burger Fest has grown 30 per cent each year running, and Taco Fest is geared to add to the growth of festivals in Vancouver in the coming years. With the success of these events, “I’d like to envision these indoor fests to go completely outdoors in the next few years and book some larger touring bands. The outdoor thing is just hard in this city with permits and drinking laws,” Matter explains.

Donations from local businesses have poured in for a massive homemade piñata that is currently under construction, because as we all know there is no such thing as a fiesta without a piñata. “It will be launched off the stage into the audience at midnight during the event for the crowd to dismantle and claim all the prizes.” This event is a marathon, not a sprint; doors open at 5 p.m. and don’t close until 3 in the morning.

To guarantee entry to this large event, a full-flavoured edible and musical taco, secure your tickets at Sal y Limon, Scrape Records, Neptoon Records or Red Cat Records.

Taco Fest 2015 is at the Harbour Event Centre on May 9.


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