Disasterpeace – It Follows (Soundtrack)

Wednesday 29th, April 2015 / 20:49
By Breanna Whipple


A wise man once said that synth has the power to ignite the imagination and in his latest creation he has gone above and beyond to prove it. Disasterpeace, having a large discography dominated by the 8-bit video game world, composed a complete score for David Mitchell’s recent independent horror sensation It Follows. Rich Vreeland, sole mastermind behind Disasterpeace, constructed the holy grail of horror scores all while claiming not to be a follower of the genre. Inventive, inorganic sounds unnerve the listener throughout the score, creating fiendishly surreal atmospheres. Using recognizable sounds to his advantage, he has created connection to past alumnus of the genre but by no means exemplifies imitation. The title track haunts the imagination like an unrelenting force, earning a well-deserved spot next to eminent songs like the unnerving title track to John Carpenter’s Halloween. Not easily achieved, Vreeland constantly raises the bar higher and higher for himself in order to create once unthinkable levels of suspense. Fans of the macabre have been served an audio induced horror show on a silver platter, where disturbing images are no longer needed to tantalize the listener of the terror that may come. We can only hope Disasterpeace returns for another serving.

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