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The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

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Post-punk outfit Flowers & Fire puts out not your standard demo

Monday 04th, May 2015 / 10:54
By Alex Molten
Photo: Megan Magdalena Bourne

Photo: Megan Magdalena Bourne

VANCOUVER — Why didn’t Flowers & Fire press their upcoming demo release?

“Because we’re poor,” laughs drummer Jason Riach.

The answer is a little more complicated than purely financial. These musicians are not fresh faces to the Vancouver scene; you may recognize a few of the members from the band New Passions. When that project came to a close the post-punk project of Flowers & Fire was born.

Their demo, which is now being released on cassette this month, is a gothic tinged collection of songs injected with pop-punk energy. Izzi Kearns’s vocals gracefully float above Dan LePlant’s catchy, driving bass lines and Jersey Hurtt’s moody guitar. Riach also proves to have a knack at knowing when to introduce a dance beat.

“We jammed just us three [LePlant, Hurtt and Riach] for quite a while. We had three songs written by the time Izzi jammed with us,” Riach explains.

Kearns was an easy fit into the band. “She laid down the vocals for the songs that we had, and we secretly said that they were going to be in the band. Actually yeah, we just said immediately they were going to be in the band after hearing them,” Hurtt says, describing the band’s formation.

None of the members were aiming to have a post-punk project but it was a natural fit. Much of the music the members were listening to aligned with this genre, which explains why the band gravitated towards the sound.

“I accidentally got into post-punk. I was playing in tons of d-beat and crust bands and hardcore bands back in Ottawa,” muses Hurtt, “I didn’t really want to start a post-punk band, I just wanted to make music that wasn’t just three chords.”

The material on the demo was written between the spring of last year and this January and was recorded by Sal Duncan. They recorded in one day in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion, fuelled by drugs and alcohol.

“That’s where the punk aspect come in the post-punk thing comes in,” explains Hurtt.

“We’re all still scumbags,” laughs LePlant.

The demo took more thought and effort than a standard demo that is quickly thrown together with very little post-production. Making the release a demo is mainly practical. The band is proud of the recordings and they are looking forward to touring North America with it.

“The tape I think is interesting in a certain way because we put a lot of effort into the production of it, where usually a demo you’d just knock out songs, put it on a tape then sell it for five bucks. That sounds awesome most of the time but we decided to do it really differently and record the demo like we were recording an EP,” Riach explains. “If we had enough money we probably would have pressed it, but we’re calling it a demo so we can throw it on a tape.”

Flowers & Fire are playing May 14th at Fortune Sound Club.

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