The Wombats are finally taking ‘Glitterbug’ on the road

Monday 11th, May 2015 / 12:51
By Austin Muirhead

WombatsVANCOUVER — The story of why the band calls themselves the Wombats is pretty dull — you’ll find it in every music publication after a quick Google search — luckily for us the third effort, Glitterbug, by the Liverpool indie-pop trio is anything but boring. The band consists of native Liverpudlians Daniel Haggis (drums) and Matthew “Murph” Murphy (frontman), as well as Norwegian-born Tord Øverland Knudsen (bass). Since forming in 2003 during their time together at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, the three have never really stopped to take a breath. “Playing live is probably what we enjoy the most about being in a band,” explains Knudsen. “It just gives you this energy. Even though you get really knackered and really worn out, you’ve still got this extra layer of energy somehow, because we’re doing something we love.”

Glitterbug was released on April 13th, and accompanying it was a full-scale tour of Europe, which turned into their current tour in North America. “In the U.K., doing the tour and having the whole thing sell out is just incredible, and the fact that people still are coming back… it’s amazing that we can still do this right years on since we first got signed,” says Knudsen. The Wombats’ upcoming show in Vancouver will be their second time playing the city. “We’d never played there before and I remember being really positively surprised by the fact that it was sold out and the fact that people knew our songs, it was really great,” Knudsen tells us about their last show in the city. “It’s going to be really nice to come back because I really like Vancouver. It seems like a really nice city, it has this a bit of a European vibe to it.”

The process the band went through to write and record Glitterbug was an unusual one, with a lot of transatlantic collaboration. “The main thing that we did different on this album was the fact that we weren’t all together at all times. Murph was in L.A. and Dan and I were in Liverpool, which meant that the music was created in Liverpool and Murph was working on lyrics in L.A.,” Knudsen says. The band decided to work with producer, Mark Crew, for their third album, lengthening the recording time considerably. “It took a long time because he is a busy man and instead of doing the whole album in one go we had to do one week here, one week there, wait for a month and then do another few weeks.

“To really understand and appreciate the band I think you need to see us live. When you listen to the recorded stuff it’s one thing, but when you see it live it makes even more sense.” Knudsen says about their vibrant live shows. You can get a feel for the Wombats by downloading Glitterbug, which is available online now, but to get the full monty make sure you’re front row for their Vancouver show in late May.

The Wombats are set to return to Vancouver on May 20th finishing up their North American tour at The Imperial with Cheerleader and Life in Film.

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