More fun than an exploding clown: A quick chat with Calgary International Children’s Festival Director Brian Dorscht

Tuesday 19th, May 2015 / 18:37
By Christine Leonard
Photo: Courtesy of Calgary International Children's Festival

Photo: Courtesy of Calgary International Children’s Festival

CALGARY — BeatRoute caught up with a very busy Brian Dorscht, four-time director of the Calgary International Children’s Festival, and asked him to give us a few words about this year’s juggernaut of an event, which is set to blast off from its launch-pad at Olympic Plaza.

BeatRoute: Please tell us a bit about the “international” aspects of this year’s festival.

Brian Dorscht: “This year we have two Australian shows; the great physical comedy, Kaput with Tom Flanagan, and I THINK I CAN, which is an interactive public art piece from Terrapin Theatre. We’re also presenting Shona Reppe’s Potato Needs a Bath, which is a truly brilliant object theatre piece, from London, England.”

BR: What are some of the must-see spectacles that your 50,000 attendees will not want to miss?

BD: “We’re excited to be bringing BAM, a trio of crazy comic drummers from Montréal, to Calgary for the first time. Acrobatic LEO is one of those shows that you just have to come see to really believe. New this year is a musical rock opera known as SQUONK, an extravaganza that focuses on aerodynamics to produce incredible sounds and songs!”

The Calgary International Children’s Festival runs May 20-23 at Arts Commons.

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