The Dwarves, Copsickle, Puttin’ On the Foil at Morgan’s Pub

Tuesday 19th, May 2015 / 17:20
By Sarah Mac
The Dwarves at Morgan's Pub. Photo: Sarah Mac

The Dwarves at Morgan’s Pub.
Photo: Sarah Mac

May 14, 2015

CALGARY — Thursday was the second night of the Dwarves’ two-night takeover at Morgan’s Pub. Following up Wednesday’s sold-out show, this was a packed, slightly more intimate performance.

Calgary locals Copsickle kicked off the evening playing their speed-demon hits and covering classic punk favourites; their set revved the audience to their feet and prepared them for what was to come.

Next up were Lethbridge boys Puttin’ On the Foil. With a lot of beer and a little twang, these guys tore through their drunken set, pausing only to instigate the crowd and demand more beer.

Then, the moment we were all waiting for arrived, the legendary Dwarves hit the stage…

After the sexy, sweaty show the Dwarves blessed us with the night before, Thursday’s audience could only hope for the same result and as always, the Dwarves didn’t disappoint. Ripping through over 20 hits and rarely played favourites, the Dwarves delivered another mind-blowing performance. Blag shared the mic with any fan who wanted a piece, displaying his true front man and gentleman style while the remaining members played their fuckin’ hearts out.

To have the Dwarves play such a small, intimate venue was every fan’s dream and one that the band used to their full advantage, hooking the audience on every riff and dragging them in closer with every lyric dropped.

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