The Rumble pull up their ‘Punk Rock Socks’

Monday 01st, June 2015 / 14:41
By Michael Grondin
Local band The Rumble follow up their 2014 full-length with a 7-inch.  Photo: Cathy Billington

Local band The Rumble follow up their 2014 full-length with a 7-inch.
Photo: Cathy Billington

CALGARY — What’s the point of rock and roll if your friends aren’t there to share it with you?

This is a feeling shared by The Rumble, a band known for their infamous backyard pool parties and outrageous and funny live performances. Their music ranges from filthy punk rock, to mellow and sentimental ballads, brought together from the ranging perspectives of long-time pals.

The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Thomas Coles, guitarist and singer Luke Thomson, bassist Wayne Garrett and drummer Travis “T-Bone” Miller, all of whom play in many other Calgary bands.

Sitting in the band’s living room, surrounded by records and show posters, in front of a big table hockey game, Coles and Thomson explain their love for being in the band.

“We all get along really well, and we enjoy each other’s company,” says Thomson. “Like, we actually hang out, and that’s the best part of being in this band.”

According to Thomson, Coles got dumped and they made a pretend band to cheer him up, thus beginning the project. In 2014, they released their debut, self-titled album. To follow up that release, The Rumble will be releasing a brand new 7-inch featuring two tracks, including “Stuck in the Graveyard Again” and “Punk Rock Socks.”

Coles explains that these are their dirtiest punk songs, recorded in a garage on reel-to-reel by friends Marcello Castronuovo and Jason Tawkin (of the so-called Lance Hamilton Deep Space Research Centre, a studio that’s also recorded psychedelic metallers Witchstone). The release features artwork by Kaitlin Roth, a local artist with a penchant for surrealist imagery.

“It’s two of our oldest, punkiest, crustiest songs,” says Coles with a laugh. “They’re remnants of old songs that we used to play in me and T-Bone’s old punk band, the Late Night Laundry Buddies, when we were 19.”

The singles are raw, stripped back, warm and precise.

“The coolest thing about the single is that it’s analog from start to finish. A computer didn’t touch it at all,” says Thomas.

The Rumble has a lot on the go; they explain that they want to get recording again in the near future. As long as they can play together, tour together and have fun together, they promise to push forward.

The Rumble will be playing their 7-inch single release party at Broken City with the Bitterweed Draw and The Suppliers on June 11.

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