Black Pestilence – Outsiders

Wednesday 03rd, June 2015 / 20:32
By Gareth Watkins


Black Pestilence do the black ‘n’ roll thing better than most. They’ve moved beyond simple Venom/Bathory/Impaled Nazarene worship into a genuine blend of black metal and punk rock, an amalgam of the two genres measured down to the last blast beat and guitar slide, with enough electronic curveballs thrown in that it never gets stale.

You can rock out to opener “Cult Class” and mellow out to synth and processed vocals-led numbers like “Unseen Force.” This is party-starting music for people who don’t often party, thought-provoking when considered as part of the reaction against self-consciously “thought-provoking black metal.” (You know the bands, up at the front is Deafheaven, the excellent Bosse De Nage and trailing far behind is the often dull and derivative Ghost Bath).

Luckily, there’s nothing stopping you from listening to bands like Black Pestilence, or equally sonically fantastic projects like Midnight, Speedwolf and Obsessor. Despite these bands being, for lack of a less cliché term, “true metal,” they simply do not favour style over substance.



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