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La Vida Local: Phono Pony – Death By Blowfish

By Max Hill Phono Pony – Death By Blowfish Independent VANCOUVER – Featuring prickly vocals reminiscent of Mother Mother’s Ryan…


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Squarepusher – Damogen Furies

Wednesday 03rd, June 2015 / 19:04
By Colin Gallant

squarepusherMaple Music

Remember IDM? So called “intelligent dance music” was an indispensable subgenre of the ‘90s era of electronic music evolution, going on to influence experimental composers of all disciplines. It’s a time that Squarepusher largely defined – and even survived. With a discography so daunting it may go untouched in the near future by everyone but musical historians, what would Squarepusher possibly have left to say?
By a fan’s standards, Damogen Furies may be the least challenging record by the act in his history. The album has genuine hooks, albeit in the way of crunchy, menacing synth. Also, thanks to the mainstreaming of drum and bass in the EDM world, the pervasive, bullet-speed breakbeats throughout the album feel timely rather than abrasive. Hints of acid house bass pepper up on just under the half the tracks, but for the most part Damogen Furies doesn’t stray far from rapid beats and rough synth work. Rather than a considered, narrative experience, the result is 44 minutes that feel like an exercise by an outré veteran who is surprised to find himself no longer an outsider.


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