Bratty punks The Zorgs refuse to grow up

Monday 08th, June 2015 / 16:16
By Julijana Capone

Zorgs-webCALGARY — Whether they know it or not, slacker punk trio The Zorgs might be writing the soundtrack for disaffected Millennials everywhere.

With songs, like the celebration to ennui “Too Much Time” and its repeating refrain “Gotta do, gotta do absolutely nothing!” The Zorgs’ fuck-it-all-until-tomorrow ethos embraces sleeping in and avoiding real life at all costs.

“Adulthood is scary and sucks because it’s not like anyone declares that you’ve made it and then everything’s easy from that point on,” says vocalist/guitarist Taylor Burgess. “I’m turning 28 this year. That means time is running out for me to join the 27 Club. I guess that fear of growing up has been coming out in my songwriting.”

Indeed it has. Their three-song cassette, Stop The World, featuring an image of someone puking milkshakes on the cover, includes “Stop the World from Spinning,” a scuzz-punk plea for time to stop entirely, along with “Did Someone Say Milkshake?” — a punchy pogo-pop number that has landed on campus radio charts in Winnipeg and Calgary.

The Zorgs, which also includes David Skene (of the Manic Shakes) on bass and Steph Kolbuck on drums, are the type that likes to “keep people guessing.” They recently changed their name from The Zags to The Zorgs (the same name as the alien race in Calvin and Hobbes, btw) for that reason alone, and you can expect a similar type of unpredictably to spill into their live shows.

“We have a lot of instrumentals where you can’t quite pinpoint the genre, because there’s two or three happening at once” says Burgess. “I like a lot of surf music, but I’ve also been listening to a lot of post-punk. People will have a lot of fun scratching their heads over that when we play.”

Elsewhere, the band just inked a deal with Winnipeg label Transistor 66, joining the dysfunctional family alongside a new crop of young bands.

“Art (Transistor) sought out a bunch of our peers at the same time that we got signed,” says Burgess. “We have bands like The Unbelievable Bargains, Surprise Party, M&M Meats, and Atomic Don and the Black Sunrise. It’s like this new generation of family.”

The Zorgs’ debut full-length, which they are currently recording at Collector Studio (The Thrashers, Surprise Party), will be out whenever they decide to finish it, but a few new digital singles are up now on their Bandcamp page, including the bratty middle finger-wagging track “How Many Fucks Do I Give?”

The Zorgs play two shows during Sled Island — Wednesday, June 24 at the Palomino and Thursday, June 25 on the rooftop patio at Broken City. You can also listen to new Zorgs tracks via their Bandcamp page.

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