Get It On: Insightful documentary ‘Sex, Science and the Ladies’ says more, more, more

Thursday 11th, June 2015 / 04:01
By Jess Panther

CALGARY — Looking for a good documentary to settle in with on a rainy day that’s sexy, entertaining and informative? Well, lo and behold, I have one for you. Although it’s geared a little more towards women, it holds a lot of wisdom that we all wish our male counterparts were wise to as well. This well-researched, award-winning documentary is called Sex, Science and The Ladies. It’s jam packed with campy acting combined with across-the-board and in-depth education and even a few full-frontals.

The film came out last year, and while it’s not one to shy away from nudity, it’s done so as a means to reveal what’s really going on in the world of women and sex. That is, it’s done so tastefully and is not something you’re going to want to necessarily wank to. The key point behind this documentary, however, is the mysterious, widely misunderstood and hotly debated fact and fiction behind the female orgasm.

Why don’t women orgasm as easily as men? Why do women masturbate less than men? Do G-spot orgasms exist? Can women ejaculate? All of these questions, and more, are brought to light in this quirky doc, but it also covers a widespread range of issues that have surrounded female sexuality for decades. As you might imagine, it’s impressive, and makes a great case for the need for a societal shift in the importance of understanding female sexuality so that, quite frankly we, as ladies, can get off! And regularly!

Starting with the basics of anatomy and the biology behind both male and female orgasms, the film digs deeper into a discussion on scientific theories throughout history surrounding the female orgasm and sexual appetite, then into the sexual revolution and the fight for equality. It moves on to pornography, but manages to do so in a way that doesn’t make it sound too for or against it. Lastly, it addresses the importance of educating adolescents and how women should be encouraged to masturbate more.

All-in-all, this doc is one to check out. Even though it feels a bit like something you’re required to watch in high school health class (here’s hoping that actually happens), it brings up a lot of thoughtful points. Visit the website at

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