Swervedriver: The boys are back

Monday 15th, June 2015 / 03:12
By Tiina Liimu
Photo: Giles Borg

Photo: Giles Borg

VANCOUVER — Veering along canyon trails, Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin pilots us through their current release; I Wasn’t Born to Lose You. He had found himself working with his former band mates bringing them right back to their old “dynamic.” “After writing and recording with the old crew, it seemed like a natural launching point,” says the guitarist.

With the release of the single “Deep Wound,” the first since a decade in a half, it was certain the boys are collaborating again. “We had been back together for a few years and I personally had been releasing albums in that time but Jim and Steve hadn’t. We were asked to do a tour playing the debut album Raise in its entirety and it was at that point that those guys said if we’re gonna keep on doing this, let’s do some new material. We all agreed and got on with writing some new stuff,” explains Franklin. “‘Deep Wound’ was the first song of the ones that we had written that really took off in our minds as a bonafide Swervedriver rocker. The rest of the songs kinda flowed from there.”

The recording process of the album included original members of Franklin and Jim Hartridge on guitars, bassist Steve George and the Bolts of Melody drummer, Mikey Jones. For touring bassist Mick Quinn of Supergrass is filling in for George.

It sounds like there is a lot more down the road for Swervedriver’s creative output. “The material we were writing before ‘Deep Wound’ was quite out there,” he says. As to not confuse the audience too fast, they decided to stay a little closer to their “signature” sound. “Perhaps the next thing we do will move off into the ocean a little more,” he adds.

Recording at Birdland Studios and the historical Konk Studios, these studios fused their magic into their songs. Five songs were recorded at each station. “We had worked at Konk before and although we weren’t recording to tape this time, there was certain audio warmth from recording through the Neve desk at Konk and likewise at Birdland,” he describes. Franklin also notes while they were recording at the time of performing Raise from start to finish, it seemed to flow and lead into I Wasn’t Born To Lose You.

The album title sparks a few questions of a true to life narrative. “There’s always an autobiographical element regardless of how much the songs are dressed up as ‘road songs’ or whatever. I think in the end it’s like a kaleidoscopic snapshot of your mind and all the crazy things that might race through it. Certain lines appeal and you don’t know why and then later on you realize there was a meaning to it,” he says.

With two feet hanging out of the van window on the album cover artwork, just drove such a relax attitude to the music. “The image just seemed perfect, in conjunction with the title. It’s like there is something more going on beyond the picture and something else going on beyond the title. Every word in the title is an everyday word but not many people have ever said that sentence to anybody and if they have there was something quite heavy going down but there’s a humanity to the title. Just like the lyric from ‘Rave Down,’ ‘things ain’t black or white like they seem/ there’s more to the picture than meets the eye,” explains Franklin.

Their live shows have been featuring both past and present, old fans and new, even parents with their kids. “We of course want to play the new songs but we integrate them into a set that also features songs from all eras of the band and the whole seems to work in quite a majestic way, if I do say so myself!”

Swervedriver perform at Biltmore Cabaret on June 22.

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