Sarah Jickling and her Good Bad Luck strike a personal chord in new live off the floor video ‘When I Get Better’

Tuesday 16th, June 2015 / 13:02
By Maya-Roisin Slater

VANCOUVER — Sarah Jickling, the songstress previously behind The Oh Wells, is embarking on a new musical project with the release of a live off the floor video for her song “When I Get Better.”

The song is about Jickling’s experiences with bipolar disorder and was written while her medication to help cope with the disorder was being adjusted, severely affecting her emotional state and sense of self.

“When I Get Better” chronicles her tribulations with the lack of clarity and imbalance the oscillating roster of pills brought, as well as her eventual realization that hoping for a better tomorrow isn’t as effective as making a better today.

The video itself is moody and dark with Jickling and her ukelele emerging from a sheet of fog, eventually she is joined by another female vocalist who harmonizes with her throughout the recording.

If nice fonts and relatable lyrics help you through a tough time, then this pretty little video may just save you from the depths of sweatpants and No Name Brand cookie dough ice cream and push you into the bright light of pants with zippers and summer sun.

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