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Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

by Yasmine Shemesh In Hebrew, chutzpah means “brazen audacity.” As such, it’s fitting that the term would be the namesake…

Toronto-based trio Crosss forms a newfound chemistry with new blood

Monday 22nd, June 2015 / 11:36
By Jamie Goyman
New Crosss band members Scarlett Rose and Kris Bowering will have the whole summer ahead to show us what they’ve got.

New Crosss band members Scarlett Rose and Kris Bowering will have the whole summer ahead to show us what they’ve got.

VANCOUVER — “You do all this work then people have private meaningful relationships to it, and it’s the kind of work I would do anyhow. The work of exploring your culture, and developing your understanding of your culture, and then contributing. This to me is deeply meaningful, and therefore so rewarding … [I like] when communities emerge and there is a sense of solidarity and a sense that culture is moving and evolving.”

The audial boom created by the Toronto-based band Crosss is potent with heavy instrumentals and almost hypnotic vocals; a band that has been bringing its sound and lofting listeners into another headspace with its past albums and continues to push their own boundaries in the process. Consisting of Andrew March (vocals/guitar), and new members Scarlett Rose (bass) and Kris Bowering (drums) Crosss has just released their latest LP LO in May where they have expanded on the overall aesthetics of their music creating a foreboding yet ethereal experience.

“So far, almost all the Crosss songs have been written by me … We do work out the details together but the nature of the song writing that has developed with this band makes it very hard to write collaboratively. Nathan [Doucet] wrote two songs on the new record, and that was a bit more collaborative, moving forward I am hoping that the new band finds a way to collaborate creatively, or at least all contribute compositions,” tells March. “For me writing is an introspective process, you dig deep inside the mind and bring back something. Your mining deep in a cavern. I guess that’s just what’s in there, in part, these are things I do and believe and think about…”

The recording process is not unfamiliar territory for the guitarist, in fact he was solely responsible for the production work on the last release, Obsidian Spectre and LO. “I love recording! I get to exercise the scientist in me. Operating a studio can really push you to the limits of your cognitive and creative potential, especially when time is short, and when things are breaking. I spent a lot of time studying recording ever since I was very young, and although I don’t think I necessarily produce amazing recordings, I still take a lot of pride in my experience and a feeling of being at home when I am doing that. I am also very opinionated and although my theories are often totally wrong, I still really enjoy them, having them, testing them, and getting better. Maybe I’m not the most talented engineer, but I do really love it,” March admits.

The current line-up is still developing that oh-so-important chemistry that really brings any band to the foreground, however after only five months March seems confident in the creative potential coming to the table. “There is a dynamic emerging where we are all grateful to be in a decent position, all able to tour a lot, and all excited to move forward creatively,” explains March. “We are getting familiar with each other’s older/other projects, with each other’s taste, and each other’s strengths, and we’re thinking and talking a lot about how we want to proceed in a way that best takes advantage of all that. It may mean some things about the band change, and I’m pretty excited to put that into action after these summer trips.”

Vancouver is lucky to be on the city list for Crosss’ tour and get the chance to experience the wave of pungent guitar riffs, bass lines and throbbing vibrations of drums that will easily be felt in your chest when they’re playing a live set. Crosss is excited to come to the West Coast and show us what they’ve got. “I spent several weeks their over the last year and what I saw was really eye-opening. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something that makes me feel very happy to have that to look forward to again this year.”

Crosss performs at Red Gate on July 1.

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