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Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

Sled Island Music Festival – Guest Curator: Julien Baker

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Whale and the Wolf provides seductive rock ‘n’ roll for you and your dad

Monday 29th, June 2015 / 13:51
By Brittany Rudyck
The Whale and the Wolf play alt-radio ready rock ‘n’ roll. Photo: Jillian Maier

The Whale and the Wolf play alt-radio ready rock ‘n’ roll.
Photo: Jillian Maier

EDMONTON — The moment a band begins discussing selling moths in jars as merch at their shows, the level of intrigue greatly increases. A topic unique only to Edmonton’s Whale and the Wolf. BeatRoute’s conversation with guitarist Brandon Yaggey and bassist Lucas Holt revealed the band’s dedication and commitment to their music while simultaneously demonstrating their penchant for fun.

With attitudes vaguely reminiscent of the rock stars portrayed in the 2000 movie Almost Famous, Holt and Yaggey shared outrageous anecdotes as well as their thoughts on topics ranging from various insects to their playfully self-described “erotic rock.”

When asked what ‘erotic rock’ is, Holt cheekily responded, “have a listen and tell us for yourself, man.”

In practice, it means a slow-burning alternative-radio rock with bouncing vocals that occasionally picks up in tempo. Slick and cleanly produced, it wouldn’t be out of place on a playlist on SONiC 102.9, or The Peak or X92.9 in Calgary.

Whale and the Wolf recently released a video for their single, “Do it Loud,” which involves rascally antics and charged rock ‘n’ roll that your dad would swivel a hip too. Even though they proclaim to be frisky erotic rockers, they promise to put on a live show that everyone can enjoy.

“A lot of girls go to our shows. There are no mosh pits. Everyone can have a good time. Even my parents.”

Yaggey proudly shared that his family is present at all of their shows and will even offer a few stiff critiques to some of the things they try on stage.

“My dad is like Simon Cowell. He is the biggest critic I’ve met in my entire life. He will tell you the truth, no problem. I’ll write a little thing at home and ask what he thinks, and he’ll say, ‘No, no that’s not very good.’”

Since they started jamming together in the fall of 2013, Whale and the Wolf have shared the stage with several local bands, as well as played the 2014 Boonstock Festival. They also received a nomination for Rock Recording of the Year at 2015’s Edmonton Music Awards.

While they’ve managed to get attention at festivals and local music awards, their upcoming EP release is getting the band most excited. Holt explains it’s just what needs to be done.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously, to a point. There are things we are really serious about, and this is one of them. It’s like a family or community where you don’t want to let your brother down. Everyone pulls their weight so that we put out the best product we can.”

Head to the Pawn Shop in Edmonton on July 3rd for the release of Whale and the Wolf’s self-titled EP. Supporting them on the bill are Kickupafuss, Tanner Gordon and his Band and the Deer Kills.

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