At the Globe: July 2015

Monday 06th, July 2015 / 16:35
By Joel Dryden


Baahubali: The Beginning – starts July 10

This two-part film holds the distinction as the most expensive Indian film ever made, with a budget of $40 million US. The trailer for Baahubali (which, in English, translates as “The One With The Strong Arms”) makes it evident that the money is being put to good use: swords and blood and 300-vibes are abundant.

Big Game – starts July 10

Samuel L. Jackson stars in this big, noisy, outrageous action flick, the trailer of which brings back warm memories of the first time you heard about Snakes on a Plane. There’s a winking knowingness to the onscreen hijinks – in which Air Force One is shot down by terrorists, and the President (Jackson) must survive in the wilderness of Finland, aided only by a 13-year-old boy with a bow and arrow. Count me in.

Andy Warhol’s: Blood For Dracula – presented by the Night Terrors Film Society – July 31.

Yeah, Blood For Dracula was later released in America in 1975 with the very tame title of Andy Warhol’s Dracula, but when it was originally released, the original title was Dracula cerca sangue di vergine e…mori di sete!!! – which translates directly to “Dracula is searching for virgin’s blood, and… he’s dying of thirst!” So you’re in for it. Presented by the Night Terrors Film Society, this film follows last month’s screening of Flesh for Frankenstein.

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