Bratty rock ‘n’ roll queen Jody Glenham releases ‘The Dreamers’ 7-inch

Monday 06th, July 2015 / 17:59
By Paul Shepherd
Photo: Lindsay Elliott

Photo: Lindsay Elliott

VANCOUVER — Jody Glenham has never been an artist who has settled into simple musical genres such as folk or country, but has etched her own niche into the side of the mountainous indie rock world. The Vancouver based singer songwriter is back with her most focused post punk release yet, The Dreamers 7-inch, released on Kingfisher Bluez.

This six song record leads you through a mixture of proto punk gaze vibes, combined with summery pop sadness. The Dreamers includes a wide range of musical backgrounds and styles; lyrics linger forever while rhythms drag, all shrouded in downbeat melodies and thick atmospheres. Whether Jody is pulling from her standards such as the Replacements and Jenny Lewis, or the 1960’s Velvet Underground vibe of Dean Wareham, she remains grounded in her ability to write good songs.

After recording the EP down in Los Angeles with Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Dean Wareham), Jody put together a band to play the full length record with her. “I needed someone I could trust,” she says, “to take over playing the parts live and to make them their own.” Collaborating with multiple musicians on this record including Nathan Shubert (No Sinner) and Rebecca Gray (Yukon Blonde), she was able to distance herself from her old projects. As Jody says, “I’d only ever worked with producers whom between myself and them, we played the majority of the music.”

“Between You and Me” leads the 7-inch off with the feeling you are trapped inside a David Lynch slow motion scene. Mellotrons and vibraphones find their way next to commanding stand-up pianos that hover around Jody’s platonic ideas for pop music. Jody shows her ability to select songs with unique instrumentation. “Forever the Affair” is accompanied by nomadic, free-spirited violins. “Gypsy Babe” has American blues lead lines against a church organ, as she speaks clearly, “Fell in love with a gypsy babe, I ain’t ever gonna be the same.”

Nevertheless, the songs always resort back to Jody singing with her fender jaguar. Leaning towards country classics near the end of the record, she sings “trouble, oh life brings so much trouble,” in the haunting yet beautiful, “He Has Your Name,” which lap steel guitar runs along old-time chord changes – something Willie Nelson could sit back on his beach in Hawaii and get used to.

“With Rich Dimitriou,” she explains, “this idea around the songs and our writing direction was that he was a gentleman named Frances, and I was a girl named May, and we wrote from a standpoint of long acquainted friendship.” After distilling the song through this writing process, a small EP consisted of some ballads and some rockers that her live band of proven musicians will play throughout the summer.

“I like two kinds of music: bratty rock and roll, and lush gentle rock with harmonies and sweeping swirly, psychedelic-tinged soundscapes.”

Jody Glenham and The Dreamers is available now.

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