Gretchen – Oblique Contours

Wednesday 08th, July 2015 / 18:36
By Matthew Coyte

gretchenEgg Paper Factory

Calgary-based trio Gretchen return with their second full-length LP, Oblique Contours following their debut self-titled album. Bringing together an atmospheric indie sound with low-fi instrumentals, Gretchen stretches the seemingly short five-track release to long lengths. Here, the vocals seem to take a backseat to the actual melodies and harmonies. Twangy guitar and thumping drums are truly showcased on this album, where for the most part, lyrics are barely audible, instead parlayed via chants. This group seems to surf on their sound peacefully, with brief moments of focus and commitment. For the entirety of Oblique Contours, Gretchen glides between songs, letting the ambience of each track take you into the next. This is your soundtrack to floating away.