Hot Graves – Magnificent Death

Wednesday 08th, July 2015 / 18:33
By Breanna Whipple


Rising from the depths of eternal sin is Magnificent Death, Hot Graves latest and most devastatingly demonic release yet. Producing some of the best black thrashing d-beat the scene has yet to offer, the Floridian three-piece have truly outdone themselves. Accordingly, their album is thoroughly blasphemous with sacrilegious themes and unholy titles such as “Roach Pussy Crucifix.” With 12 tracks enforcing heaviness with the use of crushingly distorted guitars, indestructibly rhythmic bass lines, mind-blowing blast beats, harmonic solos and accentuating melodic riffs, the album is anything but mundane. With vocals not unlike Tom G. Warrior’s own gruff grunts in Hellhammer and the undeniably dominant influence of d-beat heavyweights Anti-Cimex, Hot Graves has a very unique and overwhelming sound. On one hand, the group is comparable to more recent metal-punk ensembles like Inepsy, Syphilitic Vaginas and Bastardator; on the other hand it is not unfitting to connect them with blackened speed enforcers Omega, Midnight and Canada’s own Chapel. Finding an exact sister in sound is nearly impossible, making the group all the more memorable. Although Hot Graves are vaguely reminiscent of the past cultivated by the pioneers of extreme metal, Magnificent Death is an album not to be missed.