Tigerwing – Make the Rabbits Run

Wednesday 08th, July 2015 / 16:26
By Colin Gallant


These beats are too evil. That’s an assessment made by Tigerwing herself straight out of the gates in opening track “Intro.” This reviewer would argue that beats and evil go well hand in hand, but this ain’t my show. No, Make the Rabbits Run is a decidedly self-possessed work wherein project mastermind Sarah Kelly’s roar-like vocals warp between naked belting and disarming textural element. From there, a simple palette of blunt beats and eerie yet melodic clinking rounds out a power trio of sharp, theatrical strength. Minimalism is the wrong word for it—though “Intro,” “Tied” and others are near acapella, they still create a disruptive level of overbearing presence. Kelly’s voice could rest on its own striking fullness, but seldom does. Somewhere between chopped ‘n’ screwed hip-hop production and grim club cues lie the rhythmic knack for inducing both dancing and hypnosis on tracks like “Sands of Ah Merica” and “Here Lies 2 Lovers.” It’s a strange sensation to feel both uncomfortable and intimately welcomed into her intricate world of assertion and alienisms. By the time listeners make it to closing song “Coax,” they are likely to feel a physical, reverse-gravitational pull not unlike a tractor beam. One can’t help but be pulled into the world of Make the Rabbits Run as they are given little choice. Even at its darkest and most challenging, the album is one that has too strong a hold to shy from.



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