Bluesy band The Outer is tied tight on the inside

Monday 13th, July 2015 / 02:10
By Skye Anderson
The Outer releases an eponymous album in mid-July. Photo: Tyler Bourne

The Outer releases an eponymous album in mid-July.
Photo: Tyler Bourne

CALGARY — With such a mature and united sound, it’s hard to believe The Outer have only been together for just over a year. The five-piece, blues-heavy outfit has already intrigued fans with their catchy riffs and easy to ride psychedelic waves. After hearing how holistic their sound is, it’s surprising to discover their diverse background ranging from blues to metal to dubstep.

Singer Rob Holt’s raw, powerful vocals and effective use of falsetto is a driving force front and centre. Dan Boychuck, originally a DJ, brings in the keys; Jason Delisle, formerly of Acidjac, adds the dirty guitar tone; while Riley Cobb, who also plays bass for Calgary metal rock band Throne of Vengeance, provides an edgy bottom end along with Andrew Moore’s hard-driving rock and roll drumming.

In fall of 2013 this assorted bunch started jamming, and despite their different styles it came together quite naturally. One reason is that they were all friends with various connections to one another.

Delisle, who played with Moore had played in AcidJac, explains the formation: “Riley and Rob kind of came as a package. And our buddy Dan is an electronic producer that likes downtempo dubstep. He studied in New York and then we found out he can actually play the piano, so we’re like, ‘Sooooo you’re going to be in a band now.’”

Currently, The Outer has two singles available on Bandcamp off their upcoming self-titled EP, to be officially released at Dickens on July 17th. They recorded at the Sound Priory studio with producer Kirill Telichev, who recently worked with Calgary’s the Highkicks.

Delisle says the lead single, “Heavy On The Heart,” is one of their favourite songs to play live.
“It’s just a basic, rock ‘n’ rolly, blues song, short and sweet, but it just kind of captures the essence of what a good rock song is.”

“Anybody In The Room” is a trippy, up-tempo song that accurately displays the band’s capability to be pleasantly unpredictable.

“It kind of goes towards where we want to go because it’s a little bit more diverse in its structure,” Delisle says.

The release party offers a creative sidebar that goes with the flow and music. Curated by tattoo artist Cody Rawlinson (Old Crow Tattoo), he and other artists will do live airbrushing on canvas throughout the night.

“You expect to hear a rock and roll band when you are getting a tattoo,” says Delisle. “And we want to see some tattoo art as you’re listening to rock and roll.”

The Outer will release their 12-inch at Dickens on Friday, July 17th with Dead Pretty, Outlets Band and Dead Fibres.

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