Alright Gents – Gentleman’s Club

Wednesday 29th, July 2015 / 13:14
By Sarah Kitteringham


Following the debut of their 2014 EP Don’t Like Red, Calgary rock quartet Alright Gents has returned with the Gentleman’s Club EP. Spanning five songs of hand clapping, foot stomping backyard party rock ‘n’ roll, the EP is cleanly captured and instantly likeable, similar in approach to such local acts as Napalmpom.

“Prophets” features a band shout-along; “Smokeshow” has groovy clacking rim-sticks while “Jukebox Heart” slows the tempo down to almost-but-not-quite-ballad. Closer “Matching” continues along this leisurely trajectory, with crooning vocals and slow riffs. By far, it’s the most heartfelt on the recording, despite being the simplest. All throughout, we are met by cleanly sung vocals, simple yet driving percussion and the occasional guitar solo, along with relatable vocals.

Many bands make challenging music that is lyrically or sonically frustrating or difficult to understand or appreciate. Alright Gents is not that band. They’re the ones you want playing at a beer-soaked basement party while you kiss someone cute for the first time while a glitter cannon explodes in the air.



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