The Chemical Brothers – Born in the Echoes

Wednesday 29th, July 2015 / 13:06
By Lisa Marklinger

chemicalbrothersUniversal Music Canada

Floating somewhere on a scale of flourishing to feverish we find our founding (EDM) fathers flexing and forging on their eighth studio album Born in the Echoes. Herein, The Chemical Brothers flit far and fathomless. They find themselves, once more, redirecting and facing off against the ‘arms race’ of what electro has become (thickset, aggressive; all build-up, no breakdown) and answering with fitted hooks, pure flowing sweat and a familiar ferocity. Such sound judgment (not sound judgment, sound judgment) carries some serious mega factor considering an entire musical subculture has transmuted to various extremes over the last several decades. While much of it that’s been filling ears and arenas is effective in its transmission, electronic dance hasn’t quite managed to satisfy a bass craving the way it did back when you were a ‘90s club kid for quite some time. Lately, it generally feels as if there is little interesting or impressive about electro because it often sounds like the DJ simply threw down a bunch of tracks in an attempt to make it loud and catchy enough without actually giving a rip… That is, until now. With appearances from Q-Tip, Ali Love, Beck, et al., Born in the Echoes engages, charms and sets itself apart from what everyone else seems to be doing right now by being actually timeless and essential. We welcome you back to the gunshow, Chemical Brothers.