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Folk duo Twin Bandit strikes harmony gold

Monday 17th, August 2015 / 02:00
By Rachel Teresa Park
Photo: Rachel Teresa Park

Photo: Rachel Teresa Park

VANCOUVER — There is nothing quite as beautiful as the sound of an acoustic guitar and vocals. Simple, but can be just as powerful as a full band. When done well it can cause you to stop in your tracks and do everything in your power to find out who is making such a beautiful sound. Vancouver’s own duo Twin Bandit is in that category. Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliot’s elegant voices harmonize together to create a beautiful tone that reminds one of simpler times.

Born and raised in the lower mainland, St. James Academy (an after-school program for children who do not have access to music lessons) was the setting for this pair to meet. Both girls were volunteering in the kitchen and Hannah started to sing an old traditional song and Jamie started to harmonize right away. “It’s pretty rare that you meet a person you can harmonize with right away, never having practiced or met, that was the first time we had worked with each other, so we just hit it off and became really close friends really quickly,” Walker says, proudly stating their history while sitting on a curb outside their album release show.

The girls are very casual and smartly dressed and you can just hear the excitement and a touch of nervousness in their voices. After their blessed first meeting, they wrote their first song “The Waltz.” Hannah having a riff in her head “all afternoon,” her and Jamie sat down in that same kitchen at the St. James Academy and completed it in an afternoon. The more time they spent together and the more music that was played, the more glaringly obvious it became that they had something special. Elliot chimes in, “The more positive feedback too, it was really cool to have all our family and friends really supportive of us.”

After collaborating for more than a year and a half, it was time to go into the studio to record their first album, For You. Songs such as “The Waltz and the emotional song “Rosalyn written for a dear friend who passed away from a drug overdose, you can appreciate their voices and song writing with beautifully clean production thanks to the help of John Anderson (Aiden Knight, We Are the City, Jordan Klassen). Staying on a hobby farm in Langley, the girls were able to really be surrounded by music and create something that anyone can appreciate. We are excited to see where these Vancouver beauties go.

You can pick up Twin Bandit’s debut CD, For You, at your favourite place to purchase music or online at

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