No Coast Hardcore’s long-awaited reunion cometh

Monday 24th, August 2015 / 02:01
By Sarah Mac
Calgary street punk titans No Coast Hardcore return for three shows! Photo: Phil Heidenreich

Calgary street punk titans No Coast Hardcore return for three shows!
Photo: Phil Heidenreich

CALGARY — Alberta, the reunion you’ve been yearning for is finally going to happen. After 11 years of silence, No Coast Hardcore are bringing their infectious street-punk stylings back to the stage for a three-show blowout.

Originally a product of coinciding bands and no more than a side project, No Coast Hardcore started as just another local band when they formed in Calgary in 2000. Their energetic and chaotic live performances quickly pushed them to the forefront of the local street-punk and Oi! scene. Their music was reminiscent of the early East Coast punk style; featuring catchy upbeat tempos accompanied by raspy, whiskey-hardened vocals and lyrics that demand you sing along. Their 2003 full-length debut Blood of Heroes even incorporated some rip-roaring bagpipes; in some ways it was an amalgam of British legends Cock Sparrer and Celtic punkers The Pogues. Unfortunately, the party came to an end in 2004, when No Coast Hardcore parted ways and left punkers across the Prairies with empty bottles and broken hearts.
Over a decade later, shows were announced in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. To find out what gives, we rounded up front man Peter McLeod to give us some info.

“When we started this band, we were a bunch of young kids in our 20s, and honestly, we really didn’t know what we were doing. And we really didn’t think a hell of a lot of it at the time. But you know, I think that’s where the best punk rock comes from. When you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’re just going with your heart and your gut, and you’re not thinking about ‘making it,’ so to speak. That’s when you create the best punk rock music,” McLeod explains.

“But at the same time… it was a place in time and it was a good. And I think we called it quits at the perfect time.”

At current time, the band has no plans to be reanimated beyond the three shows they are playing and just want to celebrate a bygone era that lovingly remains in their memories, even if the venues they regularly haunted have long closed (RIP the Castle).

“We’re still all great friends,” says McLeod.

“And this is honestly the last time we’re ever going to play together as a band.”

He laughs, and then continues.

“But in the same respect we thought, let’s just play one more show for those kids that didn’t get to see us in a bar environment. The kids that we were playing for at underage shows, are now of age. They come up to me at the bars, saying that No Coast was one of the first shows they attended. We wanted to play for them. And a tip-of-the-hat to a lot of the old bands we used to play with like The Motherfuckers, The Borderguards and bands like that.” He adds, “Also, we’re well seasoned now, we’re all in our late 30s. And we all want to go out have a good night, have a few beers and pretend like we’re 20 again.”

He finishes, “Shows in the past have been quite rowdy, with the sing-a-longs and stuff of that nature, and we don’t expect anything less for this show. It will be like a celebration.”

No Coast Hardcore will play Edmonton on August 28th at DV8, in Calgary on September 12th at the Nite Owl with the Borderguards, the Motherfuckers and the Foul English. They will also play Lethbridge on September 26th at the Moose Hall.

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