Vancouver veteran vinyl retailer back in business with Hits and Misses Records

Tuesday 08th, September 2015 / 18:24
By Alex Molten
Photo: Tiina Liimu

Photo: Tiina Liimu

VANCOUVER — Many thought that vinyl records were a thing of the past, but to Peter Genest, the owner of the new Hits and Misses Records in Vancouver, it never went away.

He is not new to the record store business, Vancouverites’ may remember his previous store in the city, Singles Going Steady. He initially opened a store in Portland in 1992, then moved to Seattle and opened a store there as well as one Vancouver. After closing those stores, he moved to Toronto and ran the original Hits and Misses there for five years. After a three year hiatus, he is back and ready to open up shop in Vancouver again.

“I opened Singles Going Steady [in Seattle] and was the owner for the 10 years of its existence. From 1997 to 2000, I had a satellite version of Singles at 17th and Main [in Vancouver],” elaborates Genest about his former endeavour in Vancouver. “I had a lot of fun in Vancouver during the time it was open. The store did pretty good, but the wear and tear on me having to back and forth and back forth each week between Seattle and Vancouver got to me and I made the sad decision to close the Main Street store. It has been pretty amazing that probably 25 people that use to shop at the Main St. store are still buying records and are now customers of the new store!!”

It is clear that record stores aren’t going the way of the video store. There are stores all over this city with different niches and specialties.

“I have always been big on stocking lots and lots of punk and metal, but you can also find such diverse stock as a The Shangri-las reissue, next to a Chocolate Watchband reissue, next to a Gorilla Biscuits reissue, next to an Anti Cimex reissue,” says Genest, explaining what people should expect at his store, “I consider my store having anything to do with rock and roll with any sort of off shoot of it from the 50s until present.”

What would Genest say to someone wanting to get into the business? “You want to own your own record store, eh? If you want never to be rich, own a car, own a house, go on vacation, [and want to] work 350 days a year and become a stress case… Then go ahead!!! It is fun to run a record store but it is definitely a labour of love and you have to have a great work ethic to keep it going. You have to be willing to sell a majority of your own record collection to start your store as well.”

Hits and Misses is located at 2629 E. Hastings St. and is open seven days a week.

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