We Found the Body, Kataplexis and more team up for the Jason Carter Memorial Show

Monday 21st, September 2015 / 15:55
By Sarah Kitteringham
There is a memorial show for local musician and We Found the Body band mate Jason Carter on October 3rd. Photo: Caitlin Schlamb

There is a memorial show for local musician and former We Found the Body band mate Jason Carter on October 3rd.
Photo: Caitlin Schlamb

CALGARY — “Jason was the most selfless and caring guy around,” begins Jamie McIssac, the guitarist for local extreme metal band We Found the Body. He is remembering Jason Carter, his good friend and the former vocalist for his band. Sadly, Carter passed away suddenly on June 14th, 2015 of an internal infection. The loss hit the metal scene hard. Many who frequented shows were friends with the affable prankster and “amazing cook” and “vinyl hunting” pal who sang for We Found the Body from their inception in 2009 until late in 2014, when he left amicably to “pursue other interests.”

“Most of my favourite memories with Jason are on the road. Everyone is just extra stupid and crazy when they’re trapped in a van together for weeks on end. One of our first trips I remember we were banished to the floor in the very back of the van because we were drunk by 10 a.m. or something. We came up with a game: who could gargle a throat full of Mott’s Spicy Caesars the longest every time we went through one of the tunnels on the Rogers Pass. It was messy. Also I recall eating popcorn out of his beard,” recalls McIssac.

To celebrate Carter’s life and assist his family with the costs associated with his sudden passing, his band mates and friends are putting on another memorial in October at Distortion.

“We asked the bands that are playing, because they (or members of them) have all been around since the beginning of We Found the Body and we played most of our first few years of shows with these guys,” explains McIssac. “Nate from World Class White Trash is [going to] do guest vocals [on] a few oldies with us and Mike from Stab.twist.pull and Kyle from Wake and Kataplexis are doing a couple brand new ones off the new EP. Jason always wanted Mike and Kyle to do a guest vocal spot on a track so we know he would be so pumped this is happening.”

Also featuring performances by Kataplexis, KYOKTYS, Citizen Rage and Stab.twist.pull, the show will also double as an EP release party for We Found the Body, who wanted to release their new music in Carter’s memory.

“As We Found the Body moves forward with the release of this EP we are just going to see what people think of it and then go from there,” says McIssac, who did the vocals and guitars on the upcoming EP. “It’s almost a complete genre shift from our last EP (their self-titled, 2009 EP) so it’s probably going to confuse some people and it might get some new fans and lose some old ones.”

No matter if you’re a fan of the band’s new sound, the evening is intended to provide closure to Jason’s many friends and fans, all of who miss his ferocious onstage presence and kind offstage personality fondly.

“Carter was the nicest, kindest and most genuine guy. He always put others before himself,” says Jay Smith, guitarist for We Found the Body. “If you were feeling down he would go out of his way to make you feel better. He used to invite me over for dinner and make a full course meal and made sure I ate healthy food once and while…. Playing live I was on the receiving end of his famous slap game where he would slap you when you weren’t looking. I would see stars half the time and try not to miss a note. I would look over at him and see his big smile. He was the best front man I know and I am honoured to have shared the stage with him.”

“He was the biggest fan of music I have ever met. And I don’t just say that sympathetically because of his passing. It’s true,” adds drummer John Byskal.

“I don’t know anyone else who was constantly researching music and learning about new artists and styles like he did. He was my music expert. I miss him and I hope before he left he knew that I loved him.”

Head to Distortion in Calgary on Saturday, October 3rd for the We Found the Body EP Release Show in Memory Of Jason Carter. Kataplexis, KYOKTYS, Citizen Rage and Stab.twist.pull will also perform.

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