CJSW program ‘What Will The Neighbours Think’ simultaneously returns to roots and looks ahead

Thursday 01st, October 2015 / 12:09
By Jonathan Crane
CJSW veteran Kendra Scanlon steps into the host seat for What Will The Neighbours Think. Photo: Jonathan Crane

CJSW veteran Kendra Scanlon steps into the host seat for What Will The Neighbours Think.
Photo: Jonathan Crane

CALGARY — Listeners tuning in to CJSW’s Friday night line-up this fall will be greeted by the return of a familiar voice: that of host Kendra Scanlon.

Earlier in the summer, Scanlon became the programmer of What Will The Neighbours Think (WWTNT) after former host Paul Brooks passed the torch to pursue other ventures.

Brooks, who also hosts Instant Gratification: Revoked! on Wednesdays, became the sole programmer of WWTNT in 2009. While Brooks was establishing it as the voice of Calgary’s bass and electronic music scene, Scanlon was working on shows that mirrored these aspects in many ways.

Scanlon has hosted two other programs at CJSW since the beginning with the station in 2012. The first, Tent City, examined festivals throughout Western Canada, including those dedicated to bass music.

She then hosted Monday Meditations and Mosh Pits, an electronic music-based program focusing on Canadian music.

“I’ve always had a big soft spot in my heart for that,” says Scanlon.

For her, WWTNT embodies the type of programming she’d always hoped to do.

“Doing those shows, knowing where I wanted to be, listening to Friday night radio for years, since I was a young teenager, I always wanted to do something like this, so this opportunity is really exciting—to see where it takes me, see where it takes Calgary I guess.”

Scanlon now hopes to channel the earlier days of WWTNT.

“I’d like to bring back some of the roots that we started with, which is just bassier music going with some future sounds, crossing into some glitch hop, and just exploring more and more genres outside of what may be trending right now.”

Interestingly, this was partially inspired by her time spent living in Rotterdam in the Netherlands last year.

“The scene there is almost totally tech house and to find any kind of dubstep or bass music was harder. Not impossible, but harder.

“So I got a good taste of it, then coming back home and realizing that we have these bass artists [who are] really holding it down… I felt very privileged to be a part of that nostalgia, to be part of that continued vibe that I think is indicatively Calgarian for sure.”

House and techno will still be present however, as her ultimate aim is to promote sounds from the underbrush of dance music.

“I’m very interested in geography of music, identifying different sounds from different places.

“The music we play here from our local DJs is much different from what’s being made in L.A., or what’s being made in Detroit, but having these different geographies is fascinating to me, being defined as a group of people through a similar sound.”

This commitment is also present in the work Scanlon does in the community as a member of promotion group Philosonic. This year they’ve hosted Northern California artist Bleep Bloop, and co-promoted the Astral Harvest pre-party.

“To bring back that underground vibe, that’s really what we’re looking to do in Calgary as Philosonic, and hopefully what I’m able to continue the legacy of with WWTNT.”

Tune in to What Will The Neighbours Think on Friday nights at 10 p.m. on CJSW 90.9 FM.

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