Monthly Mouthful: Re:Grub, a conceptual piece

Friday 09th, October 2015 / 13:24
By B. Simm

Mouthful-ReGrub-webCALGARY — The overall concept behind his new burger boutique, says Jose Azares, “Is a combination between a fancy restaurant, burger joint and a food truck.”

Trained as a civil engineer with a Masters degree in building engineering, Azares worked five years for Suncor Energy doing project management. He then “took a break” and started in on an MBA splitting his studies between Montreal and Austin, TX. While in the SXSW music capital he stumbled across the notion of building a burger bar and set out to do a little globe-trotting scooping a few more ideas for his new venture. After roaming to Japan, China and Europe he and some friends took a return trip to Austin and checked out “15 burger joints” to complete their research.

The fancy restaurant, or boutique part of the concept is: “Alberta has the best beef in Canada, maybe in the world. Let’s try to showcase it. At Re:Grub we only have grass-fed beef. That’s it!” states Azares.

The second part the concept is a suggested pairing of local brews with “crafted” burgers. For instance, there’s the Kona Classic (grass-fed beef, fried homemade spam, chili-pickled pineapple, caramelized onions, gouda, tomato, butter lettuce) teamed up with a Village Brewery’s Maiden described on the menu as “she’s a fair maiden, but a heartbreaker.” You can tone it down a bit with the twice-as-much-fun Bison Bison burger (also loaded an assortment of adventurous toppings) and a Wildrose Barracks Brown. Or go Mexico with the Andale (pickled cactus, guacamole, fried tortilla chips and more!) coupled with either a good ole Trad or a Wildrose Natural Born Keller. With 14 different burgers all dressed exotically (including the Veggievore) and eight fun favs from the local tap, “something for everyone” is a real possibility.

Last, but definitely not least, in the conception department, Re:Grub’s décor stems from the “casual environment of a burger joint” and “anything we could take from a food truck we put inside,” explains Azares. As such, the interior is full of metal, shingles, wire, crates and rope; lots of construction materials, some of which have been recycled. Azares adds, “I wanted to show that you don’t have to have a lot of money to make something cool.”

Just in case you haven’t figured it out, Re;Grub is burger spelled backwards, and, as Azares points out, “it also means ‘regarding grub’.”

Re:Grub is located at 625 – 11 Ave. SW. For more info go to

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