Power trio War Baby channels blood, death sweats and tears

Wednesday 14th, October 2015 / 14:52
By James Olson
Photo: Megan Magdalena-Bourne

Photo: Megan Magdalena-Bourne

VANCOUVER — War Baby’s commanding and undeniably rock solid debut album Jesus Horse finally has a sequel. Death Sweats, the follow up to the sludge rock power trio’s debut, which made it on to BeatRoute’s annual list for best local releases in 2013, does its successor proud. This is thanks in part to the addition of Brock Allen on bass guitar, joining mainstays Jon Redditt on lead vocals and guitar, and Kirby Fisher on drums. Crafting Death Sweats was a familiar yet also fresh experience for War Baby.

“It was the same in the sense that we did it with Jordan Koop at the Noise Floor. We have a different bass player now and he brought songs to the table,” Redditt reports.

Redditt and Allen had a history playing in Big Nothing and three of Allen’s songs from the end of that band’s recording session (“Spin Forever”, “Throw Them In the Fire,” and “Shrinking Violet”) wound up on what would become War Baby’s sophomore release. Redditt highlights that not only did Allen have a hand in writing, but he also traded off lead vocal work with Redditt, which is a new development in the band’s evolving sound.

Death Sweats has had a long gestation period, Redditt explains. “We’ve been in the process of making this record ever since Jesus Horse came out,” he says “I’m so used to it that it feels like the record’s already been out in a way. We’ve been working on it for a couple years. It’s been a long process getting this thing out.” Death Sweats will at last be unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses, fittingly, on Halloween.

Within the past year, War Baby have had the opportunity to garner further exposure thanks to some coveted opening slots for bass and drum metal duo Big Business, punk legends SNFU, and stoner rock renegades Eagles of Death Metal. For the latter show, Redditt admits that it was somewhat hard to gauge the crowd’s reaction at the time due to the harsh lighting in the Commodore Ballroom, but he adds “Eagles were complimentary to us which was encouraging so I think we did alright.” For Redditt though, opening for SNFU was a real highlight in his tenure with War Baby. “[SNFU] was the first show I ever saw so I was pretty stoked on that. My inner fourteen year old was just losing it,” Redditt says.

Once the festivities of All Hallow’s Eve have come and passed, War Baby have set their eyes beyond the Atlantic with plans to tour Europe. Redditt emphasizes the band’s plans to play some shows in Germany thanks to connections with a local label that pressed their debut record.

Look out world, War Baby are on the attack.

War Baby host their album release party at the Hindenburg on October 23.

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