The Shiverettes preside over a shotgun marriage of rural rock and urban punk

Wednesday 14th, October 2015 / 14:38
By Christine Leonard 
Local snotty punk upstarts The Shiverettes release their tape on October 17th! Photo: Nicole Straub

Local snotty punk upstarts The Shiverettes release their tape on October 17th!
Photo: Nicole Straub

CALGARY — The war on boredom will not be televised. It will be waged in the basements and garages of unabashed upstarts like The Shiverettes. Emboldened by a summer of blasting out the Prairie punk anthems and soaking up the delights of festival season, the Calgary-based foursome is poised to release a punchy EP cassette that encapsulates the fieriness of their repertoire. Taking aim at a range of worthy targets, lead vocalist Hayley Muir (The Blackouts and, full disclosure, print production for BeatRoute), guitarist/vocalist Kaely Cormack (John Lesbian Seagull), bassist Cecilia Schlemm and percussionist Steve Richter (The Escorts, Black Earth), excel at kicking the metaphoric shit out of topics such as social media and corrosive relationships.

“Things got rolling in the spring of 2013, right before the flood,” says Cormack.

“Hayley told me she had a lot to say and needed an outlet, so we made it happen. We’re both pretty brave, and like to push ourselves, so we knew it wouldn’t be a half-assed project. I asked Jess Palmer (Pine Tarts) to join us on bass, but realized we needed a full-time drummer to fill out our sound. We got introduced to CJ Palmer (Trophy Wives, The CJs) and asked her to come in on drums, but eventually we went our separate ways and Hayley and I were on the hunt for a new rhythm section. Our good friend Cecilia Schlemm stepped up to the plate and Steve Richter decided to fill in temporarily, so we didn’t lose momentum while we continued to search for a female drummer. Eventually, we all agreed that Steve was a great fit and needed to be in the band full-time. And here we are!”

Given the turnover since The Shiverettes recorded their original demo with Ryan Sadler in April of 2014, it seemed appropriate to record the new material the band has been working out over the course of the past year. Stepping into the studio with Travis Miller, they began the process of nailing down their unruly street punk riffage and marrying it to an emerging cuntry-rock ethos.

“Travis had some really great ideas when we recorded, which a definite advantage is when recording with someone you’re friends with and have played with in the past. He wasn’t afraid to make suggestions or tell us when we had a shitty take. He was really big on layering tracks so we came out with a richer, fuller sound on the recordings. On “Hate You Later” he suggested we add in some “oohs” to the vocal melody on the last chorus. We love that addition so much that we’re working on adding it to our live performance of the song.”

Speaking of live performances, lead vocalist Muir has certainly come clean on a number of hot topics as her onstage persona has reached supernova proportions. Authorized to notarize, The Shiverettes have arranged a shotgun marriage of rural and urban tropes to achieve a singularly explosive yet disarmingly inclusive situation. It’s complicated, but this team of super friends seems destined to make good on their promise to get something off their chests.

“Hayley has been losing inhibitions more and more with every show we play, so it’s been really cool to see her live performance grow. I think our Solid Gold Beaver performance was the tipping point when she reached the pinnacle of not giving a fuck and just going wild onstage. We did a punk rock version of Shania Twain’s ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ and by the end of the song she was standing on the bar in the middle of Local 510 just screaming her lungs out!”

The Shiverettes will be having their cassette release party on October 17th at The Palomino with BA Johnston and Napalmpom.

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