Chad VanGaalen and Seth Smith – Seed of Dorzon

Monday 26th, October 2015 / 14:36
By Colin Gallant

cv&ssFundog Music

Chad VanGaalen is a busy guy. Between prepping shows with his new band The Bleach Wipes and working on animated film, he found time for late musical correspondence with Dog Day’s Seth Smith. The result is an electronic nightmare, oozing eerie tones across a two-part long form dirge. While VanGaalen’s electronic mischief has often been channelled through his Black Mold moniker, Seed of Dorzon is much more of a half-awake, brooding haze. Most of the first half sounds like an unattended amp left plugged in to an unstable outlet. When things do pick up, it’s a deep plod that makes you feel like a sentient machine on an assembly line. The surrealist horror Eraserhead (1977) vibes continue onto side two, albeit in a more defined and approachable structure. There’s this one high, metallic tone that buzzes almost vocally. Imagine a robot singing opera. It’s a moment of eerie beauty, interrupted by an acidic groove that forms an almost danceable tension. This soon peters out and we’re left with something akin to dub techno skittering around distorted snippets of a child’s voice. Lastly, an extended third movement unravels the percussion and volatile melody back to depths of the release’s darkest moments. For an ambient, minimally arranged release, Seed of Dorzon covers a lot of stimulating ground. I wouldn’t listen to it too late at night though, or else all you’ll be stimulating is paranoia and bad dreams.

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