Emilie & Ogden – Ten Thousand

Monday 26th, October 2015 / 16:37
By Jacob Rose

emilie&ogdenSecret City Records

The unusual combination of a woman and her harp, alongside the classic instrumentation of guitars, drums and bass, that materializes in the music of Emilie & Ogden proves to be quite unique and does not disappoint. “Blame,” the opening track on the debut LP dubbed Ten Thousand, could most definitely be a score for a short film. The folk waltz encourages you sway to the beat while the angelic, dreamy vocals draw you deeper into the song. Harpist Emilie Kahn creates a dreamlike ambiance with their tones and arpeggios on her trusty harp Ogden while singing emotively. It’s a song of imperfect love, challenged by sense of helplessness. Later in the title track, her soulful strumming is accompanied by warm instrumentation like gently clacking drums and delicately picked guitars, giving the song a sense of tension and release. The combination of the lyrics, the delicate plucking of the harp and the ambiance in all of Emilie & Ogden’s songs has resulted in a lovely debut for this Montreal-based project.