Here We Go Magic – Be Small

Monday 26th, October 2015 / 14:01
By Colin Gallant

herewegomusicSecretly Canadian

Fall officially began on September 23rd, but Here We Go Magic’s first LP in three years, Be Small, is the real sonic welcome to the season. The album’s placid vocals and gently wound riffs bring to mind a gust of wind picking up a batch of falling leaves, lobbing them gently to and fro. After a brittle hum rings out on “Intro,” a jangly hook jostles around the soft yearning of “Stella” to a soothing psychedelic effect. Psychedelic is a word that comes to mind through a lot of the record: the meandering organ of title track, the lazy distortion in “Falling.” Still, this is most identifiably a pop album. The woozy flair applied to the inviting melodies carves out a certain time and place to it all. The weirdly catchy “Tokyo US London Korea” is repetitive but tender with an acoustic guitar reminiscent of America and a plodding organ falling in and out of focus while singer Luke Temple makes the most of his high-range vocals. The most rewarding part of Be Small is the balance. It’s as wispy as it is sharp and it offers as much excitement as it does comfort.