Horrendous – Anareta

Monday 26th, October 2015 / 16:26
By Ian Lemke

horrendousDark Descent Records

If you’ve ever wondered what Chuck Schuldiner might have been up to these days, look no further. East Coast U.S. epic death trio Horrendous genuflects to the era when technicality didn’t come at the cost of memorable, catchy melodies. Picking up where they left off a year ago with Ecdycis, the three young virtuosos (two of them brothers) cover all the death metal bases with Anareta, imbuing the entirety with their now signature sense of melodic harmony. Old-school tones and vocal delivery blend seamlessly with tech-leaning musicianship. The result is a dynamic and well-rounded album with no shortage of rhythmic surprises and mind-blowing guitar work. If there’s one shortcoming of this release, it’s the general similarity it bares to the last material. As a habitual repeat listener, I had just a few months ago finished digesting Ecdycis before starting the whole absorption process again. Now the two feel as if one long album in my memory, though the 2015 material is certainly stronger. In short, Horrendous have pulled off a near-perfect death metal release, one that puts soulless tech-death to shame while maintaining an addictively accessible feel. I only fear that this amount of material in a short time will become a burden for listeners, after all “too much of a good thing…”